Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2016)

Ocena transgranicznego ruchu turystycznego na pograniczu polsko-czeskim na przykładzie Euroregionu Śląsk Cieszyński

  • Izabela Gąsior,
  • Michał Żemła

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35


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Creating a transborder tourist regions within the Euroregions is a complex and difficult problem, and an example of an area with great potential is the Polish-Czech border region. The article presents an analysis of the behavior and preferences of visitors to Śląsk Cieszyński Euroregion. Compared with other Euroregions on Czech-Polish border, the situation is opposite. Both visitors from Poland, as well as from the Czech Republic would like to visit the Polish side of the Euroregion, especially the holiday resorts of Beskid Śląski and the historic Cieszyn. Conducted surveys indicated a strong imbalance in development between the different parts of the Euroregion, and a very limited knowledge of visitors on the Euroregion and its territory.