Remote Sensing (May 2022)

A Novel Remote Visual Inspection System for Bridge Predictive Maintenance

  • Alessandro Galdelli,
  • Mariapaola D’Imperio,
  • Gabriele Marchello,
  • Adriano Mancini,
  • Massimiliano Scaccia,
  • Michele Sasso,
  • Emanuele Frontoni,
  • Ferdinando Cannella

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 9
p. 2248


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Predictive maintenance on infrastructures is currently a hot topic. Its importance is proportional to the damages resulting from the collapse of the infrastructure. Bridges, dams and tunnels are placed on top on the scale of severity of potential damages due to the fact that they can cause loss of lives. Traditional inspection methods are not objective, tied to the inspector’s experience and require human presence on site. To overpass the limits of the current technologies and methods, the authors of this paper developed a unique new concept: a remote visual inspection system to perform predictive maintenance on infrastructures such as bridges. This is based on the fusion between advanced robotic technologies and the Automated Visual Inspection that guarantees objective results, high-level of safety and low processing time of the results.