Caribbean Medical Journal (May 2022)

Treatment recommendations and prioritisation planning for breast cancer patients during COVID-19 pandemic Part 2: Triple Negative, HER-2 Positive and Metastatic Breast Cancer - A Caribbean Breast Surgeon’s Perspective

  • Dr. Lyronne Olivier


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The COVID-19 pandemic has shed significant burden and challenges on the medical systems locally and internationally. This encumbrance has overflown onto the management of breast cancer throughout the entire world, as well as, our twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. Embracing this precarious period led to the prioritisation model for precise management protocols during this crisis. This article is a continuum and the finale of the previously discussed COVID-19 guidelines and management protocols for breast cancer by a single Caribbean Breast Surgeon (Part 1). Part 2 of this article entails a thorough discussion of HER-2 positive, triple negative and metastatic breast cancer management. Recommendations are suggested with the surgeon’s input into its feasibility and practicality within the existing local systems.