International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Aug 2018)

Trans-Ferulic Acid-4-β-Glucoside Alleviates Cold-Induced Oxidative Stress and Promotes Cold Tolerance

  • Chong Xue,
  • Huanyu Lu,
  • Ying Liu,
  • Jianbin Zhang,
  • Jiye Wang,
  • Wenjing Luo,
  • Wenbin Zhang,
  • Jingyuan Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 19, no. 8
p. 2321


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Trans-ferulic acid-4-β-glucoside (C16H20O9, TFA-4β-G) is a monomer extracted from the Chinese medicine called radix aconiti carmichaeli (Fuzi). To date, research on this substance is lacking. Here, we found that trans-ferulic acid-4-β-glucoside effectively promoted cold acclimatization in mice via increased heat production and alleviation of oxidative stress in a cold environment. Thus, our work indicates that ferulic acid-4-β-glucoside is a potential therapeutic candidate for prevention and treatment of cold stress injury.