Rukopisna ta Knižkova Spadŝina Ukraïni (2014-01-01)

The old printed books from the Jesuit College Libraries of Lutsk diocese inXVII-XVIII centuries in the fonds of V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine: the historical destiny, the ways of entrance and the cultural significance

  • Tsiborovska-Rymarovich I.

Journal volume & issue
no. 18
pp. 183 – 209


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The article covers the historical and bibliological aspects pertaining to the libraries of four Jesuit Colleges which existed on the territory of the Lutsk centuries - Lutsk Jesuit College (1608-1773), Ostroh Jesuit College (1624-1773), Berestia Jesuit College (1633-1773) and Kremenets Jesuit College (1702-1773). The Libraries’ stocks encompassed books on church history and law, collections of the sermons and panegyrics, Marian editions, books on the history, activities and rules of the Society of Jesus, literature on medicine, geography and astronomy, grammar books of Latin, Greek, French and Polish languages, works of ancient writers and philosophers. Editions from the printing houses of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland were represented in the Libraries’ stocks. A group of marginal notes from the libraries’ copies, which play a distinctive role for the research into the history of libraries, are elucidated in the publication.