The Person and the Challenges. The Journal of Theology, Education, Canon Law and Social Studies Inspired by Pope John Paul II (Apr 2016)

Against Relativism. The Importance of Truth in the Ethics of St. John Paul II

  • Dorota Probucka

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 1
pp. 29 – 38


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The main aim of the paper is the analysis and critique of axiological relativism, typical of contemporary Western culture. Its supporters deny the objective status of moral norms and values. Axiological relativism leads to moral indifference based on blurring the difference between good and evil, and negating the belief that human action may be morally better or worse. I present the anti ‑relativistic position of St. John Paul II, particularly in relation to the truth, understood as a cognitive and moral value. According to the Pope, a civilization based on the belief of the relative nature of good and evil leads to widespread hypocrisy and is destined to a slow decline.