Acta Geographica Slovenica (Dec 2020)

The disappearing cryosphere in the southeastern Alps: Introduction to special issue

  • Matija Zorn,
  • Blaž Komac,
  • Anne Carrey,
  • Mauro Hrvatin,
  • Rok Ciglič,
  • Berry Lyons

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 60, no. 2
pp. 109 – 124


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Various ice bodies are an important source of paleoenvironmental data, and their study improves the understanding of present and future environmental conditions. Their changes are an important indicator of climate change. This special issue of Acta geographica Slovenica draws attention to the changing and disappearing cryosphere across the globe, with an emphasis on the southeastern Alps, and the necessity to conduct research in this field before the ice disappears forever. This paper briefly summarizes the current body of knowledge on glaciers, permafrost, cave ice, lake and river ice, and snow in the southeastern Alps, and it presents the contribution of Acta geographica Slovenica to this research and the main highlights of all five papers included in this special issue.