MATEC Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

A Study of Car Sharing in China Based on Evaluation Index System

  • Li Zan,
  • Zhao Fuquan,
  • Liu Zongwei

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 325
p. 04004


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The popularization of automobiles is originally a symbol of social progress, but it has also brought many problems and hidden dangers to the urban development of China in the aspects of transportation, environment, and energy. In this context, the emergence of the car sharing has led people from all walks of life to discover ways to solve these problems. This paper first studies and reveals the significance of car sharing. Then, on the basis of the development bottleneck of car sharing, this paper builds an evaluation index system to objectively analyze and evaluate the development status and find out the keys to solving the problems rooted in the car sharing status in China. Finally, this paper puts forward specific strategies and suggestions to promote the formation of China’s car-sharing society.