Хабаршы. Заң сериясы (Dec 2021)

Legal regulation of human trafficking issues in the field of public security

  • A. B. Izbassova,
  • O. N. Tlepbergenov,
  • T. A. Rakhmetova,
  • B. M. Konysbay,
  • A. A. Bazilova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 100, no. 4
pp. 63 – 71


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It is well known that human trafficking is a very common problem. One of the reasons for this is that the number of victims of this crime worldwide is up to 40.5 million people, criminal activity with a solid income and the presence of a growing trend of interest on the part of legal scientists in the problems of human trafficking as one of the components of the "shadow economy". Such a large-scale assessment has led to the fact that some research scientists have recognized the data presented as unfounded. Counting the number of victims of human trafficking causes various difficulties, as there is an urgent need to improve the methodological foundations used in conducting such studies. The article in question reveals to the maximum the need to understand the methodologies that guide the study of the prevalence of human trafficking crime. In addition, the problem of human trafficking, the role of the State in combating it and the set of measures that are being taken are currently being considered in practice. Providing a comprehensive overview of previously conducted domestic and foreign studies related to human trafficking, recommendations are provided that are necessary for future research. Human trafficking includes not only trafficking in youth, but also trafficking in men and women. The purpose of sexual use of persons involved in human trafficking, the purpose of involvement in slavery and forced labor is clearly expressed in this issue. Thus, the removal of people from the countries of permanent residence on illegal grounds for use for selfish purposes causes the law enforcement agencies of the country more and more anxiety, excitement, and fear for our citizens. The main purpose of writing this article is to increase the level of awareness of the spread of the problem of human trafficking and contribute to solving this problem in the future.