Geodesy and Geodynamics (May 2015)

Applicability of the Welch method for examining self-noise level parameters for broadband seismometers

  • Xiaojun Li,
  • Dake Yang,
  • Jianbo Xie,
  • Jiemei Ma,
  • Songyong Yuan,
  • Weiwei Xu,
  • Jianhe Zhao,
  • Dongsheng Li

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 3
pp. 233 – 239


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Seismometer self-noise levels were determined using Sleeman's three-sensor method in combination with the Welch method for different parameter combinations. The self-noise levels decreased with the increasing segment window length, which is equivalent to the subwindow length, and with the increasing segment overlap rate for different frequency points at a fixed band. After the statistical examination of 9800 different parameter combinations, a zone of reasonable self-noise calculation parameter combinations was identified. Reasons for the unsuitability of certain parameter combinations were explored with respect to their distortion of the seismometer's self-noise levels.