Verbum et Ecclesia (Nov 2003)

Oor die inspirasie van die Bybel � �n Perspektief van �n Ou Testamentikus

  • S.D. (Fanie) Snyman

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 24, no. 2
pp. 459 – 473


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This article is an attempt to engage in a onversation between biblical� scholars and� their dogmatic colleagues on the issue of the inspiration of the Bible. It is argued that current theories on the inspiration of the Bible can no longer be maintained� in the light of our knowledge of the origin and growth of especially the Old Testament.� Because� of the fact that the Old Testament came into being over a considerable period of time, the idea of inspiration should be broadened to include the whole process of canonization. The idea of inspiration should be broadened ever further to include the translation and preaching of the Bible. In the end it is stated that the inspiration of the Bible is something that cannot be captured in a theory, it can only be confessed as part of the faith of believers.