Disegnare con (Nov 2012)

Traditional Wooden Architecture and Landscape in Karelia. Methodological considerations for the analysis and census

  • Sandro Parinello,
  • Francesca Picchio,
  • Sara Porzilli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 10
pp. 279 – 284


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The survey work on the Karelian landscape and traditional architecture, embedded within the European research project entitled "Wooden Architecture. Karelian Timber Traditional Architecture and Landscape", is intended to enable understanding of how Karelian culture and history have led, over time, unique urban landscapes. The context of transformation, in which they were involved in both the behavioral habits of local populations both traditional architectural ones, which are mixed with models and with the administrative Soviet structures, were analyzed in this scientific field in order to not compromise the conservation and enhancement of the historic, architectural and landscape of this country.