The evaluation of input costs contribution to sturgeon fish farming in 2006 in Iran

‬‭Majallah-i ̒Ilmī-i Shīlāt-i Īrān. 2009;18(4):101-112


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Journal Title: ‬‭Majallah-i ̒Ilmī-i Shīlāt-i Īrān

ISSN: 1026-1354 (Print); 2322-5998 (Online)

Publisher: Iranian Fisheries Research Organization

Society/Institution: Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute

LCC Subject Category: Agriculture: Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling

Country of publisher: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Language of fulltext: Persian

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H. Salehi; H. Porali; M. Rahmati; D. Karimi; A. Khosravani; M. Bahmani; A. Iran


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Culture of sturgeon species is of great economic and ecological importance for those countries such as Iran whose natural stocks have declined. This species has shown a good growth performance in many types of production systems and in tanks with different sizes. Recently, sturgeon species is also offering good prospects for aquaculture in north of Iran, including: Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces. Several species of sturgeon are now considered attractive candidates for whole-cycle production in Iran. Production analysis may help manager of a sturgeon farm in decision making and in adjusting to changes. Economic assessment provides a basis not only for decision making among farm managers but also for formulating government aquaculture policies. Over the period 2006, based on previous experiments with cultured cam, shrimp and trout farming, total costs, total income, profitability and the contribution of production costs for sturgeon farming were determined by completing questi.....