Machines (Dec 2020)

Possible Applications of Additive Manufacturing Technologies in Shipbuilding: A Review

  • Marcin Ziółkowski,
  • Tomasz Dyl

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 4
p. 84


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3D printing conquers new branches of production due to becoming a more reliable and professional method of manufacturing. The benefits of additive manufacturing such as part optimization, weight reduction, and ease of prototyping were factors accelerating the popularity of 3D printing. Additive manufacturing has found its niches, inter alia, in automotive, aerospace and dentistry. Although further research in those branches is still required, in some specific applications, additive manufacturing (AM) can be beneficial. It has been proven that additively manufactured parts have the potential to out perform the conventionally manufactured parts due to their mechanical properties; however, they must be designed for specific 3D printing technology, taking into account its limitations. The maritime industry has a long-standing tradition and is based on old, reliable techniques; therefore it implements new solutions very carefully. Besides, shipbuilding has to face very high classification requirements that force the use of technologies that guarantee repeatability and high quality. This paper provides information about current R&D works in the field of implementing AM in shipbuilding, possible benefits, opportunities and threats of implementation.