Informatică economică (Jan 2018)

Identifying Business Models for Re-use of Cultural Objects by Using Modern ICT Tools

  • Cristian CIUREA,
  • Florin Gheorghe FILIP

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 1
pp. 68 – 75


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In this paper is presented an economic model for revitalization of cultural institutions with the help of modern information and communication technologies tools and techniques. By revitalization of cultural institutions we mean the increase in terms of public image, visibility, number of visitors, and not lately, revenues. One of the modern ICT techniques used in this situation is the implementation of virtual exhibitions for promotion and valorization of cultural collections and cultural heritage elements. There are already available excellent ICT tools (one example to be described in the paper is MOVIO) that are used to create virtual exhibitions, some of them being implemented within cultural European projects.