Психология и право (2020-12-01)

Specifics of Emotional Burnout in Power Structures Officers with Various Times of Service

  • Anna A. Baytimirova,
  • Inga N. Konopleva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 4
pp. 2 – 17


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This work focuses on the problem of burnout syndrome in officers of power structures. The following parameters are studied in the research: emotional and mental stability and volitional behavior control. These play a role in the creation of the syndrome and influence the success of combat missions carried out by the military personnel. Key areas were identified in studying the personality characteristics of power structures officers with various times of service. Officers of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation took part in the study. The average age of the test subjects was 38 years. The results of the empirical examination are presented. It was aimed to find how one's emotional and mental stability, volitional behavior control and emotional burnout correlate. We have confirmed that the burnout level of a military serviceman with any length of service depends on his/hey emotional and mental stability and volitional behavior control. The findings of the study we performed can serve as foundation for preventive and psychological-interventional programming for power structures officers.