Therapeutic Advances in Urology (Jul 2022)

Radiomics in prostate cancer: an up-to-date review

  • Matteo Ferro,
  • Ottavio de Cobelli,
  • Gennaro Musi,
  • Francesco del Giudice,
  • Giuseppe Carrieri,
  • Gian Maria Busetto,
  • Ugo Giovanni Falagario,
  • Alessandro Sciarra,
  • Martina Maggi,
  • Felice Crocetto,
  • Biagio Barone,
  • Vincenzo Francesco Caputo,
  • Michele Marchioni,
  • Giuseppe Lucarelli,
  • Ciro Imbimbo,
  • Francesco Alessandro Mistretta,
  • Stefano Luzzago,
  • Mihai Dorin Vartolomei,
  • Luigi Cormio,
  • Riccardo Autorino,
  • Octavian Sabin Tătaru

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14


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Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common worldwide diagnosed malignancy in male population. The diagnosis, the identification of aggressive disease, and the post-treatment follow-up needs a more comprehensive and holistic approach. Radiomics is the extraction and interpretation of images phenotypes in a quantitative manner. Radiomics may give an advantage through advancements in imaging modalities and through the potential power of artificial intelligence techniques by translating those features into clinical outcome prediction. This article gives an overview on the current evidence of methodology and reviews the available literature on radiomics in PCa patients, highlighting its potential for personalized treatment and future applications.