Clinical and pathogenetic substantiation of the use of Wobenzim in the complex treatment of generalized periodontitis.

Medičnì Perspektivi. 2018;23(2):111-119 DOI 10.26641/2307-0404.2018.2.133947


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Journal Title: Medičnì Perspektivi

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Publisher: SE "Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine"

Society/Institution: SE "Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine"

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I. S. Mashchenko

T. O. Kucherenko


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The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of using Wobenzim as a general therapy in the complex treatment of generalized periodontitis. 61 patients, I-II degree of severity, with tooth safety in an amount of at least 90%, without concomitant general pathology requiring treatment for the current time were examined. Comparative effectiveness of treatment was studied in 2 groups similar in all clinical indices. The main (31 people) patients, along with the symptomatic treatment received Wobenzim; control (30 people) - polytherapy (immunocorrecting, antioxidant, antimicrobial agents). As a result of the generally accepted clinical, paraclinical, immunological and biochemical studies conducted during the treatment and at long-term follow-up, it was found that the use of systemic enzyme therapy in this category of patients ensures rapid regression of the main clinical symptoms (on days 6-7), elimination of pathogenetic links of the disease more than in 90% of treated patients and the onset of remission for at least 6-12 months. It is characteristic that during the monotherapy with Wobenzim, positive results of treatment of generalized periodontitis were achieved, similar to those with the use of complex standard therapy, including administration of a number of medications with targeted action on pathogenesis mechanisms of the disease. From the position of evidence-based medicine, the expediency of replacing a broad arsenal of medicines in the complex treatment of generalized periodontitis with certain pharmacological preparations with a systemic effect is justified.