Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2015)

Koncepcja Smart City a innowacyjne podejście do zarządzania sprawami publicznymi w mieście

  • Danuta Stawasz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 121


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The smart city is a modern idea focused around urban governance carried out with the use of the latest technical and technological achievements (including information technology) that allow to raise the standard of living. The approach is associated with the widely understood economy of resources that fall within the decision-making powers of urban authorities. Consequently, this means the reduction of costs related to the functioning of the city as a whole as well as costs incurred by city users. The paper aims to identify spheres and areas where it is possible to use instruments fully corresponding to the assumptions of the concept of smart governance. Considerations will refer to selected areas of influence of urban authorities in which the use of modern techniques and technologies is a prerequisite for progress in modern times. These areas cover: administration, energy and waste management, urban space, environment, transport and public transportation. The analysis will be strengthened by indicating specific solutions in the framework of the smart concept.