Brewing Business vs Brewers' Identities (Culture - Equilibrium Factor between European Identity and Globalization)

EIRP Proceedings. 2010;5(1):296-302


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Journal Title: EIRP Proceedings

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Society/Institution: Danubius University

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Country of publisher: Romania

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Constantin Frosin


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If ever rough or severe, this title got right to the bottom of the question of the cultural diversity and the world nation’s identity, it points at the very truth: the businessmen and the financial oligarchy think they can get away with anything! They don’t give a damn about culture of the European or every other identity… We choose an example about how they make fun of these very serious questions, and we gave our commentary on this difficult (or tricky?) problem. A text enacted by UNESCO contradicts itself because of a blunder, that we shall reveal in our report. Finally, they betray themselves, since they speak of (just for a laugh…) cultural goods, cultural industry or cultural products and so on… Naturally, a question arises: do they have anything to do with the Culture?!