Akofena (Jun 2024)

Experimentation and the Supernaturality of Thresholds in the Contemporary Maghreb Novel, the Novel: The Mare's Eye by El-Miloudi Chaghmoum as an Example

  • Hassiba SAKER

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 05, no. 012


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Abstract: The contemporary Maghreb literary scene has witnessed a remarkable development in novel forms, as the novel represents an infinite form capable of renewal and artistic creativity in expressing the familiar in an unfamiliar format, and an attempt to engage in experimentation in breaching the prevailing and moving away from traditional form and content. Perhaps the most important manifestations of the transgression and transgression that affected the novel in general and the Maghreb in particular is its use of wondrous literature, which consists of the unfamiliar, to create confusion in the mind of the recipient and the character alike, so that the novelist expresses his convictions and visions and communicates them in a different form and with wondrous techniques. One of the most prominent names of maghriban and maghriban novelists is the novelist “El-Miloudi Chaghmoum,” who made his novel writings navigate us in a wondrous imaginary world. Therefore, we chose his novel “The Eye of the Persian” to discover through it some aspects of his experimentation, and accordingly our intervention was tagged with “Experimentation and the supernaturality Thresholds in the Contemporary maghriban Novel.” The novel “The mare's eye” by El-Miloudi Chaghmoum is an example. Keywords: supernaturality, experimentation, novel, maghriban, thresholds.