EPJ Web of Conferences (2013-11-01)

Status of HiLASE project: High average power pulsed DPSSL systems for research and industry

  • Mocek T.,
  • Divoky M.,
  • Smrz M.,
  • Sawicka M.,
  • Chyla M.,
  • Sikocinski P.,
  • Vohnikova H.,
  • Severova P.,
  • Lucianetti A.,
  • Novak J.,
  • Rus B.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 59
p. 08003


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We introduce the Czech national R&D project HiLASE which focuses on strategic development of advanced high-repetition rate, diode pumped solid state laser (DPSSL) systems that may find use in research, high-tech industry and in the future European large-scale facilities such as HiPER and ELI. Within HiLASE we explore two major concepts: thin-disk and cryogenically cooled multislab amplifiers capable of delivering average output powers above 1 kW level in picosecond-to-nanosecond pulsed regime. In particular, we have started a programme of technology development to demonstrate the scalability of multislab concept up to the kJ level at repetition rate of 1–10 Hz.