The Role of Romania in Building the New Security Architecture

EIRP Proceedings. 2011;6(1):117-121


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Journal Title: EIRP Proceedings

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Florica Brasoveanu

Petru Alexandru Lisievici Brezeanu


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The approach towards a multipolar world will be long lasting, and the international communitywill probably pass through a deep restructuring, where the global and regional integration will coexist withthe contradictory trend of fragmentation and ranking of the world. While due to globalism there is almostunlikely to have a war between the great powers, the amplification of the asymmetric risks, includingterrorism, organized crime and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, is generating more and morereasons for conflict. Against the background of the rapid decrease of natural resources, along with theaccentuated population growth, the battle for strategic resources remained the most stable source of conflict.The fight for them will increase, and the grouping of countries, according to their interests, around the newcenters of power, will increasingly shape more clearly. We will probably assist to the affirmation and increaseof their pressure in order to attract, in the sphere of influence, a larger number of countries, so as to occupy aplace as advantageous as possible, within the new world order. This configuration will be determined by theinterests, knowledge capacity, the volume and quality of information, technological strength and access toresources.