Digital Classics Online (Feb 2016)

Digitale Editionen in den Altertumswissenschaften?

  • Friedrich Meins

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 1
pp. 49 – 57


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In his extensive study „Digitale Editionsformen“, Patrick Sahle gives a broad survey of the history of text-editions in general and the new possibilities as provided by digital technology. In the course of this, he passes harsh criticism on the „Critical edition“. In his eyes the „Critical edition“ is an outdated means, whose ontological and hence scientifical limitations are mainly a result of the technological limitations and ideological preconditions of the times when it came into being. This short paper argues that at least in the case of the „Critical edition“ as it is still the basis of Classical Studies both historical and linguistical, its own significance as an outcome of research cannot simply be depreciated against a general claim for „editions“ in a mere documentary meaning.