First studies on Giardia duodenalis in the water buffalo

Italian Journal of Animal Science. 2010;6(2s):923-925 DOI 10.4081/ijas.2007.s2.923


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Journal Title: Italian Journal of Animal Science

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Society/Institution: Associazione Scientifica di Produzione Animale (ASPA)

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G. Cringoli
M.P. Maurelli
G. Bruni
G. Saralli
R.U. Condoleo
V. Musella
L. Rinaldi


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A cross-sectional survey of Giardia duodenalis infection in the water buffalo was carried out in Central Italy. The survey was conducted on a sample of 90 farms, selected using a grid approach within a Geographical Information System, followed by proportional allocation. On each farm, faecal samples were collected from three to five asymptomatic buffalo calves, aged from 1 to 9 weeks (total number = 347). Each faecal sample was tested for the presence of copro-antigens of G. duodenalis using a commercially available ELISA. Out of the 90 farms, 27 (30.0%) resulted positive. With respect to animals, out of the 347 faecal samples, 63 (18.1%) were found to have antigens of G. duodenalis. The results of the logistic regression model showed a positive association between the positivity to G. duodenalis and the presence of sheep on farm.