Informatică economică (Jan 2011)

Multiagent-Based Model For ESCM

  • Delia MARINCAS

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 1
pp. 207 – 219


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Web based applications for Supply Chain Management (SCM) are now a necessity for every company in order to meet the increasing customer demands, to face the global competition and to make profit. Multiagent-based approach is appropriate for eSCM because it shows many of the characteristics a SCM system should have. For this reason, we have proposed a multiagent-based eSCM model which configures a virtual SC, automates the SC activities: selling, purchasing, manufacturing, planning, inventory, etc. This model will allow a better coordination of the supply chain network and will increase the effectiveness of Web and intel-ligent technologies employed in eSCM software.