Applied Sciences (Apr 2022)

Photogrammetric Precise Surveying Based on the Adjusted 3D Control Linear Network Deployed on a Measured Object

  • Krzysztof Karsznia,
  • Edward Osada

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 9
p. 4571


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In surveying engineering tasks, close-range photogrammetry belongs to leading technology by considering different aspects like the achievable accuracy, availability of hardware and software, accessibility to measured objects, or the economy. Hence, constant studies on photogrammetric data processing are desirable. Especially in industrial applications, the control points for close-range photogrammetry are usually measured using total stations. In the case of smaller items, more precise positions of control points can be obtained by deploying and adjusting a three-dimensional linear network located on the object. This article analyzes the accuracy of the proposed method based on the measurement of the linear network using a professional tape with a precision of ±1 mm. It is shown what accuracy of object feature dimensioning can be obtained based on the proposed innovative network method for photo-point measurement, using only the minimum required number of two stereo-images. The photogrammetric 3D model derived from them and captured with a non-metric camera is characterized by the highest possible precision, which qualifies the presented approach to accurate measurements used in the surveying engineering. The authors prove that the distance between two randomly optional points derived from the 3D model of a dimensioned object is equal to the actual distance measured directly on it with one-millimeter accuracy.