Развитие образования (Dec 2019)

Formation of the World Picture and Tasks of Modern Education

  • Olga V. Plotnikova

Journal volume & issue
no. 4 (6)
pp. 42 – 45


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The purpose of the article is analysis of a stable holistic world picture formation ways in university students. The relevance of the issue is due to the fact that the formation of the most significant concepts that form the basis of the modern scientific world picture, often suffers from fragmentation, the knowledge gained by students in different sections of the same course, are little connected with each other, do not form a unified system. To ensure the unity of scientific knowledge, it is necessary to provide for the implementation of «comprehensive» generalizations throughout the whole course. The following methods were applied during the study: theoretical, analysis, comparison. This study proposes the criteria for selecting the main generalizing ideas and the conditions necessary for their successful work. The results of the study are concretized on the example of the space-time representations formation in the course of general physics in the university. The choice is due to the fact that the categories of space and time belong to the most fundamental concepts of science and culture, are a reflection of the universal attributes of matter. To solve the tasks, the analysis of the state of the problem in the methodology of teaching physics was carried out. It is concluded that the main ideas can serve as a basis for the space-time representations formation. The proposed provisions summarize the personal experience of teaching the course of general physics at the Far Eastern Federal University.