Развитие образования (Nov 2019)

Mordovian Composer N.V. Kosheleva: Contexts of Oeuvre

  • Olga V. Radzetskaya

Journal volume & issue
no. 4 (6)
pp. 77 – 79


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The article considers the natural and ethical as well as professional and aesthetic spheres of the famous mordovian composer N.V. Kosheleva’s oeuvre. The aim of the study is to create an idea of the principles of master’s musical writing style formation. During the study following methods were applied: theoretical, observation, comparison. Result. The focus is on ethnic cultural traditions as the foundation of the author's creative thinking, as a source of professional education and spiritual life. Among them: mordovian language, folk songs, national costume, female archetype, reflected in the legends, myths and tales of Mordovia. It is concluded that the natural and ethical spheres of Nina Vasilevna Kosheleva's composer palette are closely related to the female archetype, one of the oldest symbols of the Volga-Ural region. This original and diverse phenomenon in its manifestations allowed the composer to create unforgettable images with vivid emotionality and deep psychologism.