Arabian Journal of Chemistry (Oct 2022)

Topological properties of reverse-degree-based indices for sodalite materials network

  • Ali N.A. Koam,
  • Moin A. Ansari,
  • Azeem Haider,
  • Ali Ahmad,
  • Muhammad Azeem

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 10
p. 104160


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Natural zeolites are frequently referred to as macromolecular sieves. Because of relatively inexpensive cost of installation, zeolites networks are highly trendy chemical networks. Amongst the most researched types of zeolite networks is the sodalite network. It contributes to the elimination of greenhouse gases. To investigate the above widely tested, we employ an authentic mathematical tool known as topological descriptors or index, which displays some physical and chemical properties numerically. To fully comprehend the structure, we compare different legitimate properties via topological indices, concluding in the form of figurative comparisons. In particularly, we measure some reverse degree-based indices for the sodalite materials network and put some light on the behavior of this network, in the form of topological descriptors and numerically designed equation of such network. This research is novel in terms of no one studied reverse-degree-based topological indices for this chosen structure.