Развитие образования (Mar 2020)

Extracurricular Self-Guided Work As a Means of Intensifying the Process of Teaching Professionally-Oriented English to Students of Non-Linguistic Specialties at the University (Specialty "Ecology")

  • Elena A. Kostareva

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (7)
pp. 51 – 54


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The article touches upon some actual issues on the organization of extracurricular students’ self-guided work in teaching English at non-linguistic specialties at the university and its impact on the learning process intensity. The article discusses the methodological foundations of the intensification of extracurricular students’ self-guided work. The purpose of the article is to consider the current issue caused by the need to apply in modern education such new forms of organization of students' self-guided work that can be effective and contribute to increase of students’ educational motivation and active cognitive activity. It is proposed to combine established, structured topics with controversial topical issues in teaching professionally-oriented English to students and take this principle into account when developing educational materials for extracurricular students' self-guided work and include them in a separate section when writing textbooks or teaching aids. During the study the following methods were applied: analysis, observation, comparison. Research result. It was found out that creation and application of practically-oriented teaching materials require greater individualization of tasks, greater freedom of research, orientation toward the professional competencies formation, and an increase in students’ creative activity. It is concluded that practically-oriented approach in the organization of students' self-guided work in teaching English can be one of the ways to improve practical language skills and an incentive for students’ personal qualities formation.