Payesh (Aug 2012)

Human Development Index (HDI) in Iran and selected countries

  • Salimeh Mohammad Alikhani,
  • Saeed Asefzadeh,
  • Rafat Mohebbifar,
  • Ali Montazeri

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 4
pp. 415 – 423


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Objective(s): To analyze the current position of HDI in Iran and regional countries considered in the scope of the 20 year vision program document.Methods: The considered survey countries are Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Islamic Republic of Iran, Azerbaijan, Syria and Pakistan. Based on HDI reports Iranian indicators of 0.571 in 1975 has grown to 0.782 in 2009, and based on the most recent United Nations human Development report (Oct 6, 2009).Results: Islamic republic of Iran is ranked 88th amongst the 182 world countries and is ranked 12th amongst the 25 regional countries of the 20 year vision plan document.Conclusion: Management and personnel of health sector have a key role to improving the index and as a result take a leading role in human development and improvement of our country's ranking amongst the regional and world countries.