Annals of Silvicultural Research (Nov 2016)

Tree-oriented silviculture for growing valuable broadleaved tree species in Turkey oak coppices

  • Diego Giuliarelli,
  • Alessandro Alivernini,
  • Piermaria Corona,
  • Elena Mingarelli,
  • Francesco Pelleri,
  • Francesco Chianucci

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40, no. 2
pp. 148 – 154


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Valuable broadleaved tree species can play an important role in mixed-forest management; in these forests, silviculture may play an important role in getting high value timber. This paper illustrates a tree-oriented silviculture approach with an application in a Turkey oak coppice stand in Central Italy. This silvicultural approach has been developed in the last decades in France, Germany, Switzerland. The rationale behind the tree-oriented approach is to select a number of target sporadic tree species with valuable timber and to support their growth through repeated thinning from above. We tested the effectiveness of this silviculture approach as an alternative to customary coppice management in Italy, which is traditionally focused on the dominant tree species and does not consider valuable broadleaved tree species. The two silviculture approaches (tree-oriented and customary coppicing) were compared through a financial evaluation of the economic convenience of the two alternatives in a Turkey oak coppice stand in Central Italy