E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2019)

Geochemical indicators of paleo-seismicity based on the data of study of Fumarolnoe lake bottom sediments (Kamchatka, Uzon)

  • Kirichenko Ivan,
  • Dobretsov Nikolay,
  • Zhmodik Sergey,
  • Lazareva Elena,
  • Belyanin Dmitry

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 98
p. 08012


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The distribution of chemical elements in bottom sediments of Fumarolnoe lake was obtained by XRFA. The mineral composition of the sediment was examined by SEM, XPA. Variations in contents of alkaline elements in the column of bottom sediments of the Fumarolnoe Lake have been studied using spectral methods (Wavelet and Fourier analyses). It has been established that concentrations of these elements change periodically, periods being correlated with periodic changes in seismic conditions of the present region