Graffiti on amphoras of the VIII-XI centuries of the Southeast Crimea. Accumulation of source study base

Материалы по археологии и истории античного и средневекового Крыма. 2010;(2):27-40


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Journal Title: Materialy po Arheologii i Istorii Antičnogo i Srednevekovogo Kryma

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Publisher: NvSU

LCC Subject Category: Auxiliary sciences of history: Archaeology

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

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V.V. Mayko


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In this work graffiti on amphoras of the southeast Crimea by VIII – the beginnings of the XI centuries are considered. The basis of the publication is made by the copies received at medieval Sugdei's excavation, a monument on a plateau of Tepsen and the settlement of Tau-Kipchak. For analogies materials of excavation of Bosporus, rural settlements of the Kerch Peninsula and materials of excavation of potter's workshops in the Kanak beam and near page are used. Sea (natural boundary Choban-Coolah).