The Danger of Scocial-Economic Inequality

Мир новой экономики. 2018;0(4):51-61


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Journal Title: Мир новой экономики

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Publisher: Government of the Russian Federation, Financial University

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S. V. Kazantsev (Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)


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The notion of inequality arises in the process of comparing objects and usually characterizes the difference of the objects in terms “more” or “less”. The inequality of people and economic entities in society can both stimulate and suppress the initiative. It, as different processes and phenomena, has its positive and negative effects. On one hand, an inequality stimulates the successful development of a number of members and groups of a community. That is a positive effect. But such progress is at the expense of some other members and groups of a community. That is a negative side of an inequality. Some elements and parts of the community degrade, collapse, disappear. In this article we regard the Russian Federation, its population and regions, and some foreign countries as subjects of inequality. Some of the dangers of geopolitical inequality for the economy of Russia and of inequality in the country for the Russians and the subjects of the Russian Federation are discussed in the paper. The author says that geopolitical inequality destabilizes the world community, threatens the peaceful existence of different countries, Nations, cultures, religions. Inequalities in the development of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and tremendous gap in incomes and property status of Russians, induce a risk of growth in the number of law violations, public discontent, social unrest and class stratification of society.