Biomedicinskaâ Inženeriâ i Èlektronika. 2016;1(12):110-130


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Journal Title: Biomedicinskaâ Inženeriâ i Èlektronika

ISSN: 2311-1100 (Online)

Publisher: Kherson National Technical University

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering: Electronics | Medicine: Medicine (General): Medical technology

Country of publisher: Ukraine

Language of fulltext: Russian, Ukrainian, English

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Kovalenko V.F. (Kherson national technical university)


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The study was conducted by method of light scattering of laser emission. The influence of the form field, mutual influence of mental informational and form torsional fields as well as the following exposure of water samples in the form field after the cease of informational influence on water structure were examined. Paper forms of a pyramid, a cylinder, and a prism were used. The experimental findings show that mechanism of mutual influence on water structure of the form and informational torsional fields depended on the initial conditions of spin restructuring process – the configuration of a form, the type of the form field (internal and external ones), and the initial water structure. The influence of the form field on informational aftereffect was determined, the character of which was defined by ratio of intensities of torsional form field and an informational soliton. The phenomenon of the abnormally large amplification of the informational aftereffect in the internal field of a pyramid demonstrating the attributes of positive reverse connection between the informational soliton and torsional field of water structure and selection of generated cluster sizes were discovered.