Evropejskij Issledovatelʹ (Jan 2013)

Functional-semantic Field of shall/will in Diachrony

  • Fazira A. Kakzhanova,
  • Saltanat Zh. Alimkulova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 40, no. 2-1
pp. 293 – 297


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. This scientific article is devoted to the study of shall/will semantics. In order to understand the current state of the language, it is necessary to regard each phenomenon of the modern language as a result of a long historical change, development and transformation. The issue of meaning and function of will/shall in modern English, which is the subject of our study, is of great interest in theoretical grammar. The study of this problem in diachrony will not only determine the role of shall/will in the formation of pure future tense, but also identify the conditions of these verbs combination with the infinitive to form modality