Applications of Modelling and Simulation (Apr 2019)

Model Reference Adaptive Controller without Integral (MRACWI) for Position Control of DC Motor

  • Mohd Hafiz A. Jalil,
  • Rohaiza Hamdan,
  • Silma Amy Fazira Abd Latif,
  • Rafidah Ngadengon,
  • Herdawatie Abd Kadir,
  • F. H. M Noh,
  • Nurhani Kasuan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1
pp. 18 – 27


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A direct current (DC) motor is an important actuator and has been used extensively in many industries such as for positioning machines and robotic systems. Proper position regulation of DC motor is inherently important in the industry due to several factors such as the requirement for accurate positioning and safety measures. Therefore, this paper focuses on the development of model reference adaptive control without integral (MRACWI) to achieve a better position regulation of DC motor. Based on the results, it is shown that the MRACWI is capable to provide robust and precise performance in controlling the position of DC motor and produce better performance in terms of settling time, percentage overshoot and mean square error as compared with PID controller, standard MRAC and MRAC with sigma modification.