HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies (Jun 2016)

The contribution of Qumran to historical Hebrew linguistics: Evidence from the syntax of participial negation

  • Jacobus A. Naudé,
  • Cynthia L. Miller-Naudé

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 72, no. 4
pp. e1 – e10


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In this article we examine how Qumran Hebrew can contribute to our knowledge of historical Hebrew linguistics. The premise of this paper is that Qumran Hebrew reflects a distinct stage in the development of Hebrew which sets it apart from Biblical Hebrew. It is further assumed that these unique features are able to assist us to understand the nature of the development of Biblical Hebrew in a more precise way. Evidence from the syntax of participial negation at Qumran as opposed to Biblical Hebrew provides evidence for this claim. Keywords: Qumran Hebrew; Biblical Hebrew; historical linguistics;l Dead Sea Scrolls