Radioengineering (Jun 2011)

3D UWB Magnitude-Combined Tomographic Imaging for Biomedical Applications. Algorithm Validation

  • S. Capdevila,
  • L. Jofre,
  • M. Guardiola,
  • S. Blanch,
  • J. Romeu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 2
pp. 366 – 372


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Biomedical microwave imaging is a topic of continuous research for its potential in different areas especially in breast cancer detection. In this paper, 3D UWB Magnitude-Combined tomographic algorithm is assessed for this recurrent application, but also for a more challenging one such as brain stroke detection. With the UWB Magnitude-Combined concept, the algorithm can take advantage of both the efficiency of Fourier Diffraction Theorem-based tomographic formulation and the robustness and image quality improvement provided by a multi-frequency combination.