RUDN Journal of Engineering Research (Dec 2014)

Calculation of fire risk in turbine rooms of hydro power plants

  • S V Puzach,
  • O S Lebedchenko,
  • E S Abakumov,
  • S I Naumenko,
  • V G Pluschikov,
  • Yu G Fominyh

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 2
pp. 109 – 118


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Results of numerical experiments on the fire spread in turbine room of hydro power plant using integral, area-based and field-type models for heat exchange calculations are presented. Calculation of potential, individual and social fire risks is made according to the current regulations. It is shown that in case of failure conditions for people safe evacuation, value of fire risk in some cases may be equal to the normative one. However condition for people safe evacuation is met only in the presence of mechanical smoke extraction system.