Вісник Уманського національного університету садівництва (Dec 2015)

Introduction history of species and varieties of genus Iris L. in Ukraine against the background of global trends

  • Karpenko V.P.

Journal volume & issue
no. 2
pp. 85 – 92


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The article presents adapted literary materials, starting with the first references (I century) and up to now, concerning the introduction and use of species and varieties of Genus Iris L., both in Ukraine and throughout the world. The literary history of the Ukrainian name “pivnyky” has been analyzed for the very first time. It is shown that iris study has been formed on the basis of the first educational establishments, botanical gardens as well as the Main School of Horticulture (Uman National University of Horticulture nowadays) and Tsarina’s Garden (now it is known as Sofiyivsky Park) which existed as a unit up to 30th XX century. The history of foundation of major global iris societies, the important role of national and foreign scientists as well as amateur irisarians in the development of the culture of iris have been established.