Animals (2020-07-01)

Morphometric Characterization of the Lidia Cattle Breed

  • Juan Manuel Lomillos,
  • Marta E. Alonso

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 1180
p. 1180


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Morphometric studies in Lidia cattle are scarce due to the challenges of handling and approaching this breed of cattle. For this reason, the first morphological characterization of the Lidia breed was carried out using photogrammetry. In the present work, 264 adult individuals (184 males and 80 females), belonging to 21 different herds, were studied. A total of 20 morphological measurements and five indexes were determined in every individual. There were many positive correlations between the measures, giving the model great morphostructural harmony. Considerable internal variability of the studied parameters was observed. This breed reflected significant sexually dimorphic features and internal morphological differences between the different genetic lines of the breed. Lidia cattle are small and mostly have a sub-concave profile (58.4% males and 69.7% females). The male proportionality indexes and the relative depth of the thorax indicated great muscular development of the anterior third and high thoracic capacity. The phaneroptic information describes a mostly black animal with black mucous and hooves and an outstanding development of the dewlaps and the tail in the males.