Antarctic Record (Dec 2021)

920 MHz-band Low Power Communication Test for IoT Utilization at Syowa Station, Antarctica

  • Masaki Okada,
  • Takami Sasaki,
  • Takuya Kato,
  • Masakuni Tsunezawa,
  • Hiroshi Furukawa,
  • Tomohiro Otani,
  • Yoshiaki Narusue

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 65
pp. 70 – 84


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LoRa communication protocol using 920 MHz-band has been opened to the public for Internet of Things (IoT) application and a wide variety of telemeter usage since 2017 in Japan. It is expected to be used for collection of scientific observations and monitoring data at Syowa Station. In JARE61, we have investigated the radio environment of the 920 MHz-band, and its possible impact on the ongoing scientific observations in Syowa Station.A member of the wintering team carries a handy transmitter in the nearby area of Syowa Station, East-ongul Island. The transmitter sends GPS location and time data to the receiver (LoRa gateway) located at the roof handrail of the observation building. Six surveys have been conducted, and we confirmed the reachability of the radio signal in and outside of the Syowa Station. The possibilities of the 920 MHz-band application have been suggested to use monitoring station infrastructure and scientific observations.