Results of the application of Heberprot-P for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer

Medisur. 2019;17(5):641-649


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Journal Title: Medisur

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Publisher: Centro Provincial de Información de Ciencias Médicas. Cienfuegos

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Gloria Lara Calderín (Policlínico Área III. Cienfuegos.)

Ana Teresa Fernández Vidal (Universidad de Ciencias Médicas. Cienfuegos.)

Anabel Geroy Fernández (Policlínico Área II. Cienfuegos.)

Anays de la Caridad Núñez Herrera (Universidad de Ciencias Médicas. Cienfuegos.)

Eduardo Milián Lara (Hospital General Universitario Dr. Gustavo Aldereguía Lima. Cienfuegos.)


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<p><strong>Foundation:</strong> diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease. One of its frequent complications is the diabetic foot. For its treatment Heberprot-P is used.<br /><strong>Objective:</strong> to describe the results of the application of Heberprot-P for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer. <br /><strong>Methods:</strong> prospective descriptive study conducted in the Diabetic Care Consultation, during the period from April 2009 to April 2016. The sample consisted of the 41 patients with diabetic foot ulcer older than 20 years, to whom the treatment with Heberprot-P. We analyzed: age, associated diseases, years of evolution of the disease, medication dose and healing. <br /><strong>Results:</strong> female patients predominated (56.1%); the age group of 60-69 years (34.2%) and hypertension as an associated disease (48.8%); 43, 9% had an evolution of diabetes of 10-19 years; according to the Wagner classification, group III prevailed with 48.8% and II with 31.7%; 5 to 9 doses of Heberprot-P were applied in 43.5%. 78% achieved complete healing.<br /> <strong>Conclusions:</strong> in three quarters of patients with diabetic foot ulcer complete healing was achieved with the application of Heberprot-P therapy.</p>