Journal of Mathematics (Jan 2022)

Some New Upper Bounds for the Y-Index of Graphs

  • Durbar Maji,
  • Ganesh Ghorai,
  • Faria Ahmed Shami

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2022


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In mathematical chemistry, the topological indices with highly correlation factor play a leading role specifically for developing crucial information in QSPR/QSAR analysis. Recently, there exists a new graph invariant, namely, Y-index of graph proposed by Alameri as the sum of the fourth power of each and every vertex degree of that graph. The approximate range of the descriptors is determined by obtaining the bounds for the topological indices of graphs. In this paper, firstly, some upper bounds for the Y-index on trees with several types of domination number are studied. Secondly, some new bounds are also presented for this index of graphs in terms of relevant parameters with other topological indices. Additionally, a new idea on bounds for the Y-index by applying binary graph operations is computed.