Bezopasnostʹ Informacionnyh Tehnologij (Mar 2010)

Psychologo-pedagogical Recommendations at the Organization of Independent Work of Students of Technical Higher Educational Institutions

  • E. B. Vesna,
  • V. V. Dmitrieva,
  • E. M. Nosova,
  • N. S. Pogozhin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 1
pp. 52 – 53


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The analysis of bibliographic sources on the organization of independent work of students as one of the most difficult from the didactic point of view of modes of study is carried out. The material includes consideration of works on two basic groups of questions: management of independent work and training of students to receptions of the doctrine in the conditions of independent work. Classifications by the various bases are resulted and basic kinds of independent works are considered, the major directions of their organization are opened. The concrete problems which are the subject to further work are revealed.