International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) (Apr 2020)

Social Media and Digital Citizenship: The Urgency of Digital Literacy in The Middle of A Disrupted Society Era

  • Meidi Saputra,
  • Imamul Huda Al Siddiq

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15, no. 07
pp. 156 – 161


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The rapid development of technology and communication had given birth to a new world order that gave an impact on all aspects of the lives of citizens. This new world order was often known as social media; a new media that was born in the digital era as a result of the existence of the internet. This media made the mobility of citizens' lives became faster so that the interaction among them almost has no boundary, and resulted in the concept of digital citizenship. The emergence of social media certainly brought positive and negative impacts that automatically created disruption to citizens' behavior. The phenomenon of the spread of black campaigns, hate speech, false news (hoaxes), heated arguments toward each other became a common issue as a result of the citizens’ unpreparedness in facing an era of disruption. Therefore, digital literacy was a necessity in this era of disrupted society so that becoming a smart and good citizen would not only be a discourse on the issue of citizenship.