Problemi Ekonomiki (Jun 2017)

The Prospects and Possibilities for Using Crowdfunding in the Investment Activity of Ukrainian Enterprises

  • Otlyvanska Galyna A.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2
pp. 276 – 281


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The aim of the article is a comprehensive study of the possibilities and prospects for using crowdfunding as an instrument for financing the investment activities of Ukrainian enterprises based on analysis, synthesis and systematization of publications of domestic and foreign scientists, as well as practitioners. The article presents statistical data characterizing the dynamic development of crowdfunding in the world, the growth of interest of business in its application. Types of crowdfunding are characterized, and also signs of their allocation are defined. The main characteristics of crowdfunding platforms are formulated for choosing a platform for implementing an investment solution. The advantages and disadvantages of crowdfunding as an instrument for financing the enterprise investment activity are summarized, and prospects for its development in Ukraine are outlined.